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How Janumet Can Help Control Your Diabetes?

How Janumet Can Help Control Your Diabetes?

Janumet (sitagliptin/metformin) is a dual-class action medication balanced into a single pill, which is used for treating Type 2 diabetes.

Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitor, sitagliptin, commonly branded as Januvia, increases the glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) levels after meals and, consequently, slows down the rush of the blood sugar.

Metformin hydrochloride, apart from suppressing glucose production in the liver and improving the movement of glucose from the liver to peripheral body tissues, also inhibits intestinal absorption of glucose, thus resulting in postprandial (after meals) Hypoglycemia.

Janumet is administered as twice-daily drug regimens or in an extended-release one-daily version named Janumet XR.

Part of the attractiveness of this mixture is the fact that you can have it without gaining weight, plus you are not prone to Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) as a result.

On the contrary, in addition to the other side effects that could arise from using Janumet, serious ones are not excluded.

What Is Janumet Used For?

It is just hard to believe that of all the calories you eat from the food, the amount of sugar that gets in your blood will be more than any other nutrient.

Immensely, it will be at this point that they (or their physician) are first notified that they have now been classified as Type 2 Diabetes patients, and for that reason, their blood sugar levels will be a top-of-the-list issue. 

This results in a situation where Janumet 50 1000 mg is the blood sugar control medicine for Type 2 diabetes, which doctors generally use for the purpose of lowering blood sugar.

It is a dual active ingredients drug that includes sitagliptin and metformin medication, which is based on some diabetic treatment regimens rather than one only and approaches achieving optimal sugar levels.

The second thing to be covered in this regard is that Janumet's functioning is diverse. So, it’s three-fold mechanism of dealing with blood sugar and insulin.

Janumet has two components: one, it helps with the production of insulin by the pancreas, and two, it allows the body to consume more of the insulin that is already produced. 

Additionally, the 3rd function that it performs is that it naturally reduces the amount of sugar that is produced by the liver. So, it means there are a lot of Metformin consumers who are not able to release their blood glucose levels to the range that is right for them but do better watching Janumet with Metformin.

Knowing which foods make your blood sugar soar would be another likely part of the options because working out your diet and exercise levels to perfection will still enhance the efficiency of the medicine called Janumet class.

Omit soda and sugar-sweetened drinks are little actions everyone could conduct without much trouble, and these foods are always ranked very high in the many lists compiled of the foods that raise blood sugar.

The best outcomes from taking the Sitagliptin and Metformin drugs will be with the increased cardiovascular exercises specifically, which means getting your heart beating faster than your pace, even beyond your sweating.

How Janumet Works?

Janumet diabetes is a combination of two antidiabetic drugs: Sitagliptin and Metformin are the components of the main drug.

The Sitagliptin domain belongs to a group of medicines called DPP-4 inhibitors that function by increasing the amounts of natural substances that lower blood glucose when it’s high. The third drug belongs to the class of Biguanides named Metformin.

It primarily decreases the production of sugar by the liver and secondly delays sugar absorption from the intestines, and in the process, also enhances the body’s sensitivity toward insulin. In addition, the two drugs facilitate insulin production by the pancreas and promote insulin use by the body.

In addition, glucose synthesized by the liver is reduced in both cases. When taken together, these medications produce constructive effects on blood glucose control levels.

How To Use Janumet?

Right after you start taking sitagliptin/Metformin, it is necessary to read the Detailed Medication Guide provided by your pharmacist every time you receive a refill. Make no hesitation to talk to your doctor or pharmacist in case you have several questions.

Swallow as directed by your doctor, generally twice on daily plane, with meals. Consuming sufficient fluids (unless otherwise advised by your physician) is required when on a medication. Please do not put the tablet into pieces before you take it. If the tablet choking bites you, the doctor must be informed.

The dosage is taken as per your medical condition, its reaction and medications you might be taking at any particular time.

Make sure to update your doctor and pharmacist about all medical products that you are using (even those which do not require prescription or herbal supplements).

Your doctor, to reduce your chances of developing side effects (for example, upset stomach), may advise you to begin this medication at a low dose and then, over time, increase the dosage. Comply with your doctor’s’ rule strictly.

Take the prescribed medication on a regular basis to maximize the beneficial effects. Make sure to use it similarly at specific times daily. Much like learning any new habit, consistency is key to regular morning meditation.

If another diabetes drug you are using (such as pioglitazone) is not being utilized yet, follow your doctor’s directions correctly: How to stop it and get this drug started. Always adhere to the treatment plan, such as medication, proper diet and exercise that your physician prescribed.

Monitor your blood sugar twice a day and according to the guidelines of your doctor. Make sure to get the results, and then take a copy to your doctor.

Let your physician know if juice levels are too elevated or too dropped. 3. Most likely, your treatment plan needs to be re-adjusted.

How Long Does It Take For Janumet To Work?

The initial effect of the Janumet drug class is also dependent on two substances that are responsible for the drug's functioning.

Metformin begins its activity in less than two hours to lower circulation blood sugars, but Sitagliptin works slower via incretin hormones boost, with its complete effect being reached at 4–8 weeks. 

The exact total compound effect after Janumet could take several days -weeks, depending on how individual factors may be different from each other.

It is a must to regularly monitor blood sugar levels, especially during the beginning weeks, and dose adjustment should be done according to the doctor’s instructions in the beginning stage.

Reasons to take Janumet to Manage Blood Sugar Levels It uses the absorption mechanism of two drugs together.

The average AGLC reduction per Janumet is 2.5%. As per Fierce Biotech, in the Janumet initial therapy, the haemoglobin A1c levels decline by 1.9%.

It could be available for quick release or prolonged release. As a result of this ability to control your blood glucose, the individual selects foods with low glycaemic index and maintains their eating schedules, ensuring an optimum glucose load to the body.

It lowers the chance of the hypoglycemia complication that could be seen with other non-diabetic medication.

Generic for Janumet generic gives better control for incidences of diabetes by users who do not generally prefer to inject insulin.

Unlike the sort of other diabetes medications that patients have to take possibly twice a day, this medication requires you to take a single pill with a meal once a day.


Drug interaction may happen when medications either work differently or when you face worse side effect symptoms.

However, this article does not cover all possible drug interactions, which is why consulting a healthcare provider before starting a different medication or making changes in the dosage of a current one is advisable.

Please keep a record of all the products (not forgetting drugs) that you use (whether prescription or nonprescription and herbal products as well) then discuss it with your doctor and the pharmacist or pharmacist.

Don’t forget to ask your healthcare professional before you begin to stop or increase/decrease the dose of your medicine.

Medications called beta-blockers (e.g. metoprolol, propranolol) might remove the rapid/thumping heartbeat, which you usually would feel as a result of your blood sugar level dropping (i.e. Hypoglycemia).

Timolol, a glaucoma eye drop, could also have this effect. Drugs that help treat Hypoglycemia mimic the effects of low hormone levels in the body but are unimpacted by symptoms like dizziness, hunger, and sweat.

A large array of agents have them as adverse reactions, and this way, increases the difficulty of regulating them.

Make sure you discuss with the doctor or the pharmacist the potential effects of the medication on your blood sugar before starting, restricting, or changing any such medicines. You should follow the prescription directions to monitor your blood sugar level frequently and keep your doctor informed. 


What is Janumet used for? 

Janumet treats type 2 diabetes by combining sitagliptin and Metformin.

Is Janumet the same as Metformin? 

Janumet contains Metformin but adds sitagliptin, working differently.

Can it contribute to Janumet's weight loss?

While weight loss can occur as a side effect of improved blood sugar control with Janumet, its primary purpose is to manage diabetes, not as a weight loss medication.

What is Janumet XR used for?

Janumet XR is used to treat type 2 diabetes by combining extended-release versions of sitagliptin and Metformin for once-daily dosing.

What are the differences between Janumet vs Metformin?

Janumet's superiority to Metformin varies individually.

Is Janumet safe to use? 

Janumet classification combines sitagliptin and Metformin, offering dual mechanisms to control blood sugar, while Metformin is a standalone medication.

What is the dosage of sitagliptin/metformin 50/1000?

The dosage of sitagliptin/Metformin 50/1000 refers to 50 mg of sitagliptin and 1000 mg of Metformin combined in each tablet.

What is the generic name for Janumet?

The generic name for Janumet is sitagliptin/metformin.

Is Janumet bad for the kidneys?

Janumet may support kidney health by regulating blood sugar levels, but consult a healthcare provider for personalized advice based on individual kidney function.

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