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Order cancellation is possible from both sides. We do everything in our power to meet these orders, but sometimes we are not able to proceed with certain orders and must cancel them due to certain reasons like there is a problem with stock, there is something wrong with the product, there is an error in the payments, etc.

In the event of cancellation, our team communicates the cancellation reason to a customer. If it has been charged, your entire amount will be refunded into your account.

Non-Receipt of Payment

There is automatic cancellation of unpaid orders.

Cancellation by the Customer

If the order is not shipped, we will cancel your order. Cancellation of order will attract a fee of $10. We will not cancel the order that has already been processed or shipped by us. When this happens, it is possible if you approach to our customer support team within the 12 hours after you have placed the order.


If the payment was through Credit Card, you shall receive the refund through Credit Card. And if the method of payment was Money order or Check and it has not been deposited, then we will return your Money order /Check. The money order/check will be sent only to the customer’s billing address.

Order value will be refunded in case the payment mode is via BitCoin or Ethereum, not the current value of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Refunds are generally processed within ten (10) working days. On the other hand, Money order /Check payments may take longer to reach your billing address and the funds to be credited to your account after you deposit the Check in your account.

Please note that we shall not be liable for any delays in credit to the Cardholder Credit Card account as this is dealt with by the Issuing Bank of the Cardholder.