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Erectile Dysfunction

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?An erectile dysfunction can be defined as the condition in which a man is unable to maintain or obtain penetrative erections that are firm enough for intercourse.To avoid worrying a lot of such incidences, having erection trouble on and off is not the reason to be concerned. While ED that still persists will also create stress and affect your self-esteem. Ultimately, it can lessen your willingness to stay in the relationship. A problem with getting or .....
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What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

An erectile dysfunction can be defined as the condition in which a man is unable to maintain or obtain penetrative erections that are firm enough for intercourse.

To avoid worrying a lot of such incidences, having erection trouble on and off is not the reason to be concerned. 

While ED that still persists will also create stress and affect your self-esteem. 

Ultimately, it can lessen your willingness to stay in the relationship. 

A problem with getting or with keeping an erection can also be the sign of an underlying condition that has to be treated and is a consideration for heart disease.

If you are under the concern of erectile dysfunction, make the conversation with your doctor.

Do not be shy to bring this up with your doctor. At times such addressing the reason of esctasy is enough to go over erectile dysfunction. 

In different scenarios, medications and a few other treatments might also be necessary.

The most popular sex complaint that a male will discuss with the doctor, the one that becomes the talk of the town, is ED. it clinics the 20-30 million patients annually.

ED, as this medical condition is generally called, includes difficulty either beginning or maintaining an erection that is stiff enough for intercourse.

Sometimes, a man may have problems with erections, and though it is not unusual, if such an issue progresses or comes up regularly during sex for no reason, it is not normal and should be treated.

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ED can happen:

The result is usually that such blood circulation in the penis suffers any damage to the nerves.

This food groups consist of variety of potions such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, beans, lean meat and poultry, nuts, and unsaturated oils.

As an early warning of a more serious illness, like: atherosclerosis or narrowing or clogged arteries, heart disease, high blood pressure which is a common symptom of Diabetes.

Discovering (or discovering) the root of your ED will open the doors for the right treatments and lead to a better life. As generally go hand in hand, what’s healthy for the heart is the same for the sex health.

How Erectile Dysfunction Work

The nerve endings during sexual arousal secrete chemicals that lift the blood levels to the bower. 

The blood is then delivered through the thin blood vessels into the two erection chambers of the penis tissue that is spongy fabric (the corpus cavernosum). 

Tunnels cavernosum are not in a form of a tube.

In this way, she explains that the soft spongy tissues will relax and hold the blood. 

The heart pumping the blood into the chambers is what constric the penis so firm, making an erection. And when a man reaches his climax the next set of nerve signals enters the penis which causes the muscular zones of the shaft and cap to contract and the blood exits and his erection goes down.

When you are not accounted sexual arousal, the penis is flaccid and limp weakly.

Lack of needed blood in this soft tissue part causes the penis to collapse.

 Since arteries are not filled, the corpus cavernosum also empties out where blood does not fill it. 

Women on the other hand might observe the dimension of the penis change with vigilance, warm or cold; such change is normal and symbolizes the balance between veins expanding and the ones contracting.


If you have ED, it is difficult either to achieve an erection or to maintain one that is strong enough for sexual activities. 

If ED is a general issue that bothers you, usually the one to deal with this, is your primary care provider or a Urologist.

ED can be a significant red flag to cardiovascular disease endangering the man’s system since clogs in his vessel get heavier. 

  • Researchers have found men suffering from ED have high risk of complications such as major heart attack, stroke, or hypertension of the leg.ED also causes:
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression

In the end, he becomes the catalyst for a society that reunites the two.

Dba if ED blights a man's wellbeing and his relationships it should get treatment. 

The treatment has the goal to restore or improve erectile functions take care of the circulation and create a better quality of life.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

There are various aspects that might negatively influence vascular system NIH external link, nervous system NIH external link, and endocrine system, which could cause or probably exacerbate your ED.

This does not mean that you are more likely to have an ED after you have reached a certain age, but rather that growing older does not incite erectile dysfunction. 

  • Although ED can even affect younger ages, it is considered treatable.
  • Certain diseases and conditions

The following diseases and conditions can lead to ED:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • cardiovascular disease, bringing about the enormous killings. NIH external link
  • atherosclerosis
  • high blood pressure
  • chronic kidney disease
  • multisclerosis NIH, etext.
  • Peyronie’s disease

complications coming from the side effects that one may experience due to treatments for prostate cancer such as ionizing radiation and surgery NIH external link.

fatalities resulting from shooting incidents often lead to the dismemberment or cognitive impairment of the victim with respect to mind and body.

surgical treatment of bladder cancer is exhibited here (NCHI).

The men with diabetes are about two and three times compared to the men with intention erectile dysfunction. Learn more about sex and sexual problems in person with diabetes.

How Common Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the leading male/man/AMAB (people assigned male at birth) related condition that men, people assigned male at birth and healthcare providers report in their medical charts particularly as they age and develop other medical conditions.

What Is The Usual Age For Erectile Dysfunction?

It is believed that ED could affect about half of all males between 40 and 70 years old, both care providers and researchers speculate. In fact, the numbers may be greater as in many cases it’s the individual sufferer who does not want to come out in public with such condition due to the feelings of embarrassment or sheer shame.

Who Does Erectile Dysfunction Affect?

You may have a greater risk of getting ED if you:

  • Are 40 or older.
  • Have diabetes.
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) over 25.
  • Have depression.
  • Are physically inactive.
  • Smoke.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Prevented Or Avoided?

This can be cleared up by if you do not know what is the ED cause. 

There are some things you can do that may help prevent ED, including:

Drink no more alcohol, call no more cigarets, or as well avoid abusing drugs.

Check with your doctor whether ED is one of the side effects of a new or taken medicine that you may have. 

The citizen may offer out a herbal medicine.Humanize the given sentence.

Maintain your glycemic and blood pressures within their normal range.

Strive more and don't get stressed.


First, your doctor will check up all the health conditions you have and make sure that they are taking the right medication in order to rule out the possibility that the conditions you might have are the ones causing or aggravate the situation.

The cause and condition of the erectile dysfunction determine the number and rehabilitation course; it is, therefore, upon the patient to provide a physician with all the information necessary for a timely diagnosis. 

The Doctor can clarify the risks and benefits associated with each treatment by listening to your willingness in choice.

Whether your partner's choices ought to be considered could be one of the factors when your treatment is considered.

Oral Medications

The oral medications are a good available option of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment.

They include:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra)
  • Tadalafil (Adcirca, Cialis)
  • Vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn)
  • Avanafil (Stendra)

Each of the medications mentioned above amplifies or potentiate the effects of nitric oxide — a naturally released chemical which relaxes muscles in the penis.

It causes the erection of a calcium influx in the penis and its expansion with blood, which allows you to develop an erection in response to sexual stimulation.

An Increasing Issue?

The authors further state that this issue is on the rise, which young men and their partners are facing. 

They mentioned that, erectile dysfunction erectile dysfunction in the United States produced $330 million in the 2000 year, compared to the 1994 year's total of which was $185 million.

Such an expansion can be attributed to multifactorial reasons, essentially. 

For example, the aging is a danger factor and the older people become more numerous in the USA. 

Further, obesity and related issues like diabetes, which have been taken an increase side, are also contributing factors to ED preventability.

In addition to the issues of erectile dysfunction, its magnitude and sphere should be known more beyond the existing world.

Researchers aimed to probe the matter and used already available data from previously done studies. 

In all, they singled out 41 applicable records that investigated either an erectile dysfunction or certain conditions, like that disease.

Penis Pumps, Surgery And Implants

Penis pumps. A penis pump (vacuum erection device) is a tube which has, at the one, end and smaller size (from the opposite), a pump that can be powered with hands or a battery. 

Tube goes above on your penis, and then the pump is created to squeeze out the air from inside the tube.

This causes a phenomenon where the blood is consequently pulled to your penis by the creation of this vacuum.

With an erection, you just fold a metal ring to a section of the tube base that has lowers in the blood, keeping it firmed. You detach the pump device from your body.

The glans is normally erect the same period of time as when a couple has sexual intercourse together.

A tension ring is removed after the sexual intercourse is done. (For the patient) one of the consequences might be bruising of the penis and ejaculation will be inhibited by the band.

Fingers can exude rain from your nostrils and boogers, and the can be sweaty and cold to the touch.

If penis pump becomes a good treatment for you your doctor might recommend or prescribe a particular model. 

Penile implants. This procedure includes two devices placement: one into the right and the other into the left chamber of penis.

The implants being used conform to either the inflatable one or the bendable one (malleable).

Inflatable gadgets can serve you the opposite flexibility in terms of when you have an erection alongside the duration.

And flexible rods that will keep your penis firm. The flexible balloon will accommodates extra expansion.

Penile implants commonly consist the last option to be tried if other methods didn't provide adequate results first.

Implants enjoy a wider than usual satisfaction among those who have been given a wide array of more conservative treatments and nothing seems to work.

With any operation, there is always the risk of complications including, for instance, an infection leading to more severe implications.

The surgery of implanting penis is not done when you are suffering from the urinary tract infection right now.

Can Everyone Use Ed Medications?

You have to avoid them when you take nitrates like nitroglycerin for cardiac emergency. 

While taking Erectile dysfunction drugs, ensure to tell your doctor if you have any heart problem.

The resulting drugs may have noticeable adverse effects on heart patients.

should the sildenafil, tadalafil or vardenafil be the medication you use and before any medical tests you should tell the medical staff about using it and the last time you used it.

Risk Factors

Eventually, you begin to notice your lower erections and their efforts to make as firm or harder takes longer. 

If you face the case of a limp erection and feel that more indirect tactile stimulation in the penis is necessary to become and stay erect, this can also help towards reversing and preventing the situation.

Various risk factors can contribute to erectile dysfunction, including:

Sometimes chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart problems, are genetic and thus can be passed down to the child.

Tobacco smoking in the long term, which can result in chronic diseases that lead to impotence is one of the reminder for erectile dysfunction.

If your bodyweight is above normal and it is already obesity, the risk factors that can lead to various conditions and diseases will likely be higher.

Certain surgical and radiation medical interventions, like prostate cancer treatment or prostrate surgery, can cause untoward effects and complications as well.

Injuries, for instance, if they happen to nag the nerve endings or the arteries meant for erection can be a big problem.

I am on various drugs, including antidepressants, antihistamine, antihypertensive and painkiller. In addition, I am taking drugs to manage my prostate gland.

Psychic conditions inter alia extreme with stress, anxiety or depression.

Drug abuse and drunkenness, especially if your status as an addict or heavy drinker has become a tense part of your life.


What Is The Main Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction?

ED can happen: Usually blood flow in an erect penis is either been suppressed, or the nervous system is compromised. 

How do I deal with erectile dysfunction?

If you smoke, quit. When you find it difficult to stop smoking, get assistance from a qualified medical practitioner.

Can erectile dysfunction recover itself?

Will ED go away on its own? ED will not likely go away on its own without changes to your lifestyle or some kind of treatment.

Is ED permanent or temporary?

There is a silver lining in the fact that headaches ‘aches of the brain' are generally not permanent and — what is even better — the majority of the time treatable. 

Erectile Dysfunction