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What Are Immunosuppressants?Immunosuppressants are drugs that regulate the immune system to work as normal. Generally, your immune system is not only a fighter of infections but also an attacker of intruders like viruses, bacteria and cancerous cells. However, your immune system might be attacking body parts that are healthy by a mistake. Immunosuppressants shut down or delay this reaction. And immunosuppressants do reduce the immunity system, which makes you more prone to virus, .....
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What Are Immunosuppressants?

Immunosuppression: Causes And Risk Factors

Medication Causes

Does Everyone Who Gets A New Kidney Have To Take Immunosuppressants?

Are There Any Signs Or Symptoms I Should Watch For?

  • the fever that exceeds 100 degrees.
  • new kidney's tenderness.
  • bloody urine
  • flu-like feelings

  • drainage from the surgical scar (which is the scar on your skin from the surgery)
  • stinging as you pass your urine.
  • a cold or cough that keeps coming back and will not go away.